This Website is receiving a major update!

  1. The LoCo Network will receive a totally new design.
  2. The majority of the code is rewritten.
  3. Due to improvements of the Member-System all passwords will be reset. We did change the encryption of your data and therefore had to reset your account. You will most likely need to register again!
  4. The LoCo Network will get a new subdomain under "" where Users will have the ability to create their own Blogs.
  5. The LoCo Network will use the Blogsystem for Systemupdates/Roadmaps/Changelogs. In My (daRedLoCo) opinion this is a great way to deliver you clean and sorted informations about the website.
Note: I will work from 01.06.2017, 07:30 - 01.07.2017, 23:59 on the major update, so our Network will be under construction for around 1 month. But as soon as The LoCo Network is back you'll be able to enjoy better functionality, design, security and even more!
P.S: This is a temporary file and due the fact that no Stylesheet exists by now it has absolutely no design.

Thanks for your attention, your Admin.

The LoCo Network 2017