Because of some major Changes on the Webpage until next year, most functions of won't be avaible.
The appearance and functionality of the Webpage will recieve a huge change.
We will rewrite most of our codes and update legacy functions with newer ones to deliver you best security and service.
The plan is to release the new version of by the end of 2016.
This gives us the chance to rewrite the code without the need to hurry.
As we work with encryption and other functions that needs lots of testing to be "secure", we need alot of time to write those functions.
We do not want to deliver you "bad work" or "half done products", but we want to deliver you good, secure, free products.
We also work on Windows Applications to help small companies get their own Enterprise Managment Software for a low price.
This Windows Application called "MiniEMS" will be avaible in a beta version by the middle of 2017.
Inside this Application you'll be able to handle all important aspects of leading a company.
From Storage over Humanresources to Financial.
We also work on a Library (.dll) to deliver Programmers easy-to-use functions for encryption, networking, filesystem and so on.
This Library called the LoCoLib also recieves a huge update by the end of this year.
Since it is pretty unstable at the moment we didn't update all versions by now. We still use the version (stable alpha) online.
The actual (non-public) version of the LoCoLib is, so there were HUGE changes between those versions.
Next to this we are working on new functions on and other (non-public) projects.
We create our Website applications to defend the privacy of the people. As in our opinion Privacy is Freedom.

Thanks for your time, and check the Dev Log to stay up to date.